Pekka Turunen


Pekka Turunen was born in Joensuu, in the east of Finland, in 1958. He studied photography at the Helsinki School. He now lives on an old farm in Kemiönsaari, in southwest Finland, with his photographer wife and two lively children. He is the proud owner of a tractor. He heats his house and workshop with wood.

He has received international recognition as a photographer, with a biennial exhibition in Sydney.

He has twice been awarded the five-year Finnish State Grant for Photographic Art, as well as a grant from the Hasselblad Foundation, and his book 'Against the Wall' was featured by Phaidon Press in 'The Photobook: A History, Volume II'.

Foto: Joakim Eskildssen

Photographers know the motive for this historical background picture.